We offer full service Boarding 

Book Early for Thanksgiving and Christmas to reserve your place.

Our Outdoor runs will not be ready Spring/Summer 2021- but our Inside Kennel is Ac/Heated and will have turn out play times. We encourage you to bring a toy or a favorite blanket so they feel more adjusted. Please bring food and if they are on medication please bring it. By law they MUST have Yearly Booster /Rabies and Kennel Cough Shot (Bordetella Shot) on file - No Exceptions !!! 
If you have any questions please text me ahead of time.
If your Dog can jump a 6 foot fence we do NOT have tops on our inside runs so we can not keep them. We do accept Unaltered Males and Females.

The Quickest Way to contact me is text my main number is 808-304-2700  backup number912-339-0400. 

Email Address is Rhonda@redoakkennel.com

Suites- are 6 X 6 and will have day beds and can hold up to 2-3 small dogs or 2 Bigger dogs from the same family as long as dogs get along and can go in the same suite.   Discount will not be given if they can not board in the same run.

 They Will be turned out 3 x a day for supervised play times. .

1st Dog - $20 per  night

2nd Dog - $10 per night

3rd Dog  - $10 per night

When the outdoor runs are finished in the summer they will also have access to outside runs that will be 6 x8


Inside RunsAre 4 x 4 and will have Kuranda Beds and can hold 2 small dogs from the same family or 1 Large dog.       If dogs get along well and are in the same family they may board in the same run. Discount will not be given if they can not board in the same run.

1st Dog-  $15 Per Night

2nd Dog -$10 Per Night

3rd Dog - $10 Per Night

When Outdoor runs are finished in the winter they will also have access t0 outdoor runs that are 4X8-you may also bring Toys and Blankets. 

The PUPPY House- This is for Puppies When I have available room -

This is where my little babies live and will be with me 24/7. I am also a Puppy Nanny and take Newborns. Must be 4 months and UNDER & we also work on potty training. 

$20 per night- You are welcome to bring Toys/Blankets but we will also supply them.


 IN HOUSE- This is for those extra spoiled babies that do not like to be alone, Needs extra care, Geriatric Pets etc.   They will stay in our home lounge on the couch/bed and either sleep in the bed with us or if they are use to being in their crate we will have a nice crate for them orIf they are older and need extra care/attention, or are not use to being left alone. Someone will always be here with them.

$25 per night

CATS-  $10 per night - They are only allowed to go in the outdoor condo if it is 65-85 Degrees- otherwise they will be indoors.

We can als0 watch your chickens /Birds /Hampsters / Fish etc. Just ask for a Quote.




Whether your dog is a new or seasoned boarder, you want to make sure that he has everything he needs to feel comfortable and stress-free while you are away. At our facility, dog boarding costs include bedding, treats, and other supplies for your dog during their stay. However, pet owners are welcome, and often encouraged, to bring along a few additional items to help your dog enjoy the boarding experience as much as possible. Here are 7 items to pack in your pet’s doggy bag for his dog boarding stay.


Most pet owners stick with 1 to 2 different types of food that they know their dog enjoys. If you have ever tried to introduce a different type of brand or food to your dog, you know that this can cause a negative change in appetite and even upset stomach. Since your dog may already feel uneasy in the unfamiliar environment of the dog daycare, you want to keep the other aspects of his life as normal as possible.             Provide your pet with enough food to last the entire duration of your dog’s stay. Use small plastic baggies to package pre-measured meals, and label them “Breakfast”, “Lunch”, and “Dinner”. This will ensure that your dog is getting exactly the right amount of food for each meal.          If there is any food leftover, we will be able to tell that your dog may be feeling stressed or uncomfortable.

If we need to use our food it is $3 per day. 


Many dogs must take certain medication and/or supplements on a daily basis, and our dog boarding facility will be happy to administer these to them as needed. Include the appropriate number of doses that your dog will need to take in your absence, as well as written instructions with details such as dosage amount and schedule. If the medicine and/or supplements must be taken with food, it’s helpful to include them in the pre-packaged meal bags.

Sometimes being in an unfamiliar environment and being around other dogs can trigger an existing ailment in your dog. In addition to any regular medications, include emergency medications that you think may be necessary just in case.


Almost every dog has their favorites that they just can’t live without. Pack 1 or 2 of these toys to make sure your dog has all of the fun that he enjoys at home.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this is especially true for pets and their owners. No matter how much fun you and your pet are having, you on your vacation and your dog with his new friends, you will surely miss each others’ company. To keep your dog feeling close to you even in your absence, include something with your scent. This can be a blanket, t-shirt, or even a sock. This is a wonderful way to help your dog feel comfortable, calm, and stress-free.


 Please Bring a leash so we can have them all ready to go at pick up.


If you have not submitted all of the paperwork necessary beforehand, be sure that all required documents and forms are ready to present on drop off day or email them to me before hand.. This could include everything from medical records, vaccination charts,                           Contact the pet daycare if you have any questions about a specific form or document.


As your dog’s owner, you know more about him than anyone else on the planet. Does your dog have a special food or water bowl that he loves to eat and drink out of? Does he have a KONG or certain treats that make his tail wag? Think of items that will help your dog feel happy and comfortable and throw them into your dog’s overnight bag.

As a dog boarding center, our goal is to make your dog feel as happy and calm as possible throughout the duration of his stay.                              By thoroughly packing your dog’s bag, you better equip us to do so.


The Puppy House

Outdoor Kitty Condo

Some of Our Spoiled Children


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This one is fairly long but one of the most heart touching Pet sitting Clients we have ever sat for.Needless to say the entire family fell in love with Mookie. We all cried our eyes out when she went home as we knew what was to come next.  We are just so thankful we were able to be a part of this families life at such a difficult time. We will always love, remember and hold you dear to our hearts sweet Mookie- Fly High sweet girl.



Forgive me ahead of time for going into GREAT detail on Rhonda (Pet Peepers) and why I cannot thank her and her f amily enough for her services in watching our pet.

Mookie, our 16 year old Dobbie/Rot, was the last of her lineage. She was born the runt of her litter, hell, I even had to feed her from a baby bottle with goat's milk to ensure she lived.

My wife and I had a trip planned to go to the Mainland (California) for our annual trip to go to the Monterey Jazz Festival with my father....a NOT to miss event.

We had a dog sitter planned and booked our travel.

About 2 weeks before our trip, Mookie started having difficulty with her hind (back) legs.

She started staggering around occassionally. And I noticed that each day it got progressively worse.

I took Mookie to the vet and they said, "well, it's probably her joints since she is so old." They offered to put her down, to which I immediately declined!

Each morning, I'd pick Mookie up and carry her outside, carefully standing her up and applying pressure to her stomach until she peed out all she could.

Then, Mookie would not have the strength to walk around, rather, she would just collapse down into a seated position again.....poor thing.

She began urinating and defecating in her bed because she could not stand on her own.

The time came to "have that chat" with my wife......I frickin hated it.

"Honey, we leave in 3 days and the dog sitter cannot possibly handle all this work that Mookie requires now..."

My wife glared at me and said "Don't you dare!"

So, I started calling dog sitters.

I wasted a few phone calls on Craigslist, all seemed very unprofessional and didn't give me that warm and fuzzy feeling.

I mean, sheesh, my dog was getting worse daily and couldn't just leave her with anybody. 

Our goal was to have her stick around until we got back from our two week trip.

That was a VERY tall order we came to find out....

Our vet was going to charge $45/day. Which was not terrible, but, the thought of Mookie, sleeping in a cold and sterile environment and missing us just broke my heart, and certainly would hers.

Miraculously we found Rhonda and Pet Peepers.

The first impression when meeting Rhonda, was like "where have you been all Mookie's life?"

We told her how dire Mookie's situation was, appologized profusely for even asking her to consider watching her for two weeks since she'd probably not survive that long.

She insisted that she would look after her better than anyone else and we believed her.

Heck, Rhonda even set up a remote camera so we can view Mookie throughout the day.

During our trip we were inspired to know that Mookie started getting stronger, eating, smiling, wagging he r tail, etc! Exciting to us.

Rhonda set up Skype so we could see Mookie and Mookie could hear our voices, to which Mookie immediately perked up! So wonderful!

Rhonda reported almost daily and it was obvious that Mookie had more love and attention than we have ever given her!

Mookie had lost complete control over all four legs and even her head....so she'd just lie around and move her eyes...;-( So sad

But Rhonda and her family gave her daily overdoses of love and attention that made Mookie really enjoy her twilight so much.

So, our trip ended, and on the flight back, I said to my wife, "honey, if Mookie is still around we will need to make a decision on what is best for Mookie..."

Rhonda dropped Mookie off shortly after we arrived...we were SO happy to be able to see her again, what a GIFT!!

Mookie was both thrilled to see us and seemingly bummed to leave that amazing family's care. Can't blame her!

In a terribly difficult decision, we put Mookie to sleep two days later...(sigh)....

The most important point of this review is this:

I can honestly say that the ONLY reason Mookie was able to survive and thrive and be happy is because of the OVER AND ABOVE care and love that she received from Rhonda and her family at Pet Peepers.....

That was such an amazing gift for my wife and me to come home, and have a few quality days of our wonderful Mookie....

We are 100% positive that if we took Mookie ANYWHERE else, she would not have been able to have those final days with us....

Thank you Rhonda, you are an absolute gift from Heaven...

Love, Samuel, Vanessa & Mookie


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